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A force for good

Our focus on sustainability extends outside our organisation, as we strive to have a positive social and environmental impact wherever we operate, through our own actions and working with our partners. As part of the Teleperformance Group, we are actively involved in group-wide programmes to support local communities and reduce our environmental footprint.

1 Environmental management system to track consumption (water, utilities and consumables) and travel emissions
2 Digitising the visa application process, to reduce paper use and carbon footprint
3 Supplier vetting programme to assess supply chain sustainability
4 Contribution to 40+ charitable and environmental initiatives since 2018 to make positive contributions to local communities
5 Lean Six Sigma process improvements to eliminate waste, identify recycling opportunities and encourage better use of renewal energy sources


Established in 2006, Citizen of the World is a charitable initiative from the Teleperformance group that seeks to generate a positive impact on local communities, in particular to help vulnerable children and their families meet their basic needs.


  • Donations of clothes & shoes Kazakhstan, Russia, Serbia, Uzbekistan

  • Donations to local associations China, Italy, Kazakhstan, Lebanon, Russia, Serbia, Tunisia, United-Kingdom, Uzbekistan

  • Worldwide charitable activities Including marathons, book donations, volunteering in animal shelters


Citizen of the Planet is a global corporate initiative implemented in 2008 to ensure that Teleperformance Group & its subsidiaries operate in an environmentally-friendly and responsible manner.


  • Corporate shared transportation China, Tunisia

  • Wastepaper collection Russia, Serbia, Tunisia

  • Environmental conservation projects China, Kazakhstan

Local initiatives vary according to the human and financial resources available in each location. However, we consider that any and every contribution we can make is important. We strive to have a positive impact in every one of our actions, whatever the budget and the number of people involved.


Our Corporate Social Responsibility strategy

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