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Starting from 4th May 2014, all visa applicants will have to come personally at TLScontact center in order to capture their biometric data. Children under 12 years old are not concerned by this process and they are not allowed to enter the center. Young minors above 12 years old till 18 years old have to come in person, accompanied by their parents.

For applicants holding a residence permit from any other country, kindly note that you can only apply in this country or you can cancel this residence permit and apply in Egypt.

Dear applicant, upon the request from the Embassy, note that TLScontact cannot receive any incomplete application. Please make sure that none of the requested documents, or detail in each document is missing when you are submitting your file.
Kindly be informed that the instruction of your application will take a minimum of 15 days from the day you apply at TLScontact. Make sure that your travel dates respect this delay of 15 days and that all your documents are brought accordingly (this delay increases in case of public holidays).


Photo booth service
TLScontact center hereby presents its new Photo booth service. Applicants can now take their visa photos inside the TLScontact center for the price of 30 EGP per 8 photos.

Premium service:

Please note that the said service does not assure you to obtain a visa, a nearer appointment for the interview, nor a faster processing of your file by the Embassy of Switzerland in Cairo.
To book your premium appointment may you call our call center.

Starting from May the 1st 2016, TLScontact will no longer receive inquiries via phone. All inquiries must be written and sent via email through our website. However, for more specific cases, you will be able to request to be called back, by choosing the “call back option” on our website.

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