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Specialised in managing government and citizen services around the world, involving complex workflows and high security processes, we have an unwavering commitment to trust and integrity. They are the essential cornerstones of our business strategy. We work in partnership with our clients to develop innovative solutions that meet the most challenging requirements and satisfy the evolving needs of travellers and citizens.


As part of Teleperformance Group, we are committed to complying with the highest ethical standards, in line with the ten fundamental principles of the UN Global Compact relating to human rights, working conditions, the environment and anti-corruption. Our business ethics commitments are based on our five values: Integrity, Respect, Professionalism, Innovation & Commitment.


Human interactions are at the heart of our business. We combine these with the intelligent use of technology to improve customer experience and support a range of government decision-making processes. We use a data-driven approach, gathering and analysing real-time customer insights to measure and enhance customer satisfaction across all touchpoints. We harness new technologies to enhance our service offer, whilst never forgetting the importance of an empathetic human touch.


Working with governments, we have a comprehensive approach to security management, from the design of our processes and facilities to the implementation of rigorous security policies by all staff. Our employees receive security training throughout the year, and we carry out regular monitoring, controls and internal & external audits. Data protection and cyber security are essential to building and maintaining trust with our government clients and with our visa customers. We adhere to the strictest international standards, to protect customer data and ensure the integrity of our processes and systems.

1 Comprehensive risk analysis carried out at every location worldwide to ensure physical security
2 GDPR adopted as baseline standard for processing and protecting personal data globally
3 Information Security Management System ISO 27001 certified
4 Binding corporate rules (BCRs) approved by the French Data Protection Authority CNIL
5 Project Eagle cyber-security programme implemented across Teleperformance Group (2019-2021)

Our Corporate Social Responsibility strategy

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