About TLScontact

At TLScontact, we work with governments from around the world to provide visa and consular services on their behalf to travellers and citizens. Our core expertise, built up in visa processing, enables us to apply our secure processing experience to a wide range of government and citizen services, both abroad and in-country. Harnessing new technology, we support governments in their digital transformation, helping to improve efficiency and enhance customer service.

Present in 90 countries, TLScontact operates 150 Visa Application Centres on behalf of governments from around the world, handling 4 million visa applications every year. 

TLScontact is part of  Teleperformance Group, the global leader in customer experience management.  

90 countries
150 Visa Application Centres
2,100 employees
4M visa applications per year

Our mission

We provide innovative visa processing, consular and travel support services that deliver outstanding citizen experiences, while ensuring that the issuing nation’s security requirements and regulations are met. 

Our Executives

Simon Yoxon-Grant

Simon Yoxon-Grant

Chief Executive Officer

Cécile Falchier

Cécile Falchier

Deputy General Manager - Finance

Gabriele Piva

Gabriele Piva

Chief Operating Officer


Our Values The code we live by

Our values are those of our parent company, Teleperformance Group. 

They guide us in everything we do.  

  • Integrity 
  • Respect
  • Commitment
  • Innovation
  • Professionalism 

Our history

TLScontact has experienced strong growth since its beginnings in Beijing in the early 2000s. We first worked with the French Embassy to provide internet hosting services, before moving into visa processing. Since that point, we have become a truly international organisationproviding visa and consular services on behalf of governments from around the world, to citizens in 90 countries.

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2007 Opening of first Visa Application Centre for France, in Beijing, China
2008 TLScontact begins its expansion in the Maghreb, Middle East and Sub-Saharan Africa
2013 TLScontact becomes a wholly-owned subsidiary of Teleperformance Group
2014 Award of contract for UK Visas & Immigration
2019 TLScontact becomes part of the Specialized Services group within Teleperformance