Meet Karry

“Every year, millions of people apply for visas to travel internationally. Behind every visa there is a dream to realize, a honeymoon to enjoy, a business contract to sign or a loved one to visit. We are here to ensure our customers a smooth and comfortable start to their journey.”

This mission was my focus, not only when I worked in the Visa Application centre, where all facilities are nicely laid out for the applicants, but also when I was on a mission to open a centre in a new city, saving local applicants from travelling far to make their application. 

TLScontact's Client Manager
2012 CEO Assistant
2014 Project Manager - Roll out
2015 Project Manager - Central support
2017 Head of Process
2019 Client Manager

My view didn’t change when I started working in the central supporting departments. Our operations managers and agents worldwide work with passion and our colleagues in the support functions show great dedication, to ensure that we meet the expectations of our clients.  

TLScontact encourages me to be committed and innovate in my daily work. It also gives me the opportunity to deal with new challenges and work with great people. All I need to do is to embrace these opportunities and there’s no limit to what I can achieve.  

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