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“I try to stay close and be attentive to our teams who work directly with visa applicants. This allows me to manage our operations and specific situations effectively, but also to maintain a strong relationship of trust with our client, who needs to know what’s happening locally.”

Centre Manager TLScontact Libreville - Gabon
2012 Agent TLScontact Tunis
2012 Team Leader TLScontact Tunis
2014 Supervisor TLScontact Tunis
2017 Centre Manager TLScontact Libreville-Gabon

At the Visa Application Centre for the French Consulate in Libreville, we represent 12 Schengen countries in Gabon, as well as UK Visas & ImmigrationIt’s a great challenge and over the past year, we have introduced new added value services for our visa applicants. In March 2019, we opened a new French Visa Application Centre in Port-Gentil, in coordination with the French Consulate. We also offer an On Demand Mobile Visa service for UK visa applicants. The constant focus on improving and extending our services makes my role interesting and challenging all the time!

Centre Manager TLScontact Libreville - Gabon


Since my arrival at TLScontact, I have been able to take part in several centre openings in Africa. Opening a new centre is always a big challenge. You need to meet a tight deadline for opening, while managing all the unexpected events that can occur during this sort of complicated project. We also need to train a new team of agents and ensure that they are prepared to welcome applicants to the centre from the day we open. On top of that, we need to make sure we meet the specific security requirement of our client as well as TLScontact standards.  

Leaving my country to become Visa Centre Manager in Gabon has been a very rich experience and one that I could not have imagined when I arrived at TLScontact in 2012. 

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