Message from the CEO

“Travel and tourism make a huge contribution to the world economy, representing over 10% of global GDP prior to the Covid-19 pandemic and millions of jobs. Travel can be genuinely life-changing for those concerned and offer countless benefits to destination countries and their communities.

We operate at the heart of this ecosystem, supporting our government clients as they welcome the world’s citizens to their countries for work, study, or tourism. To do this effectively, we must deploy the right systems and technologies, to allow for secure application processing. We also need to provide the appropriate level of support and reassurance to the travellers and citizens that we welcome every day at our centres.

Beyond that, we must demonstrate that we are a reliable partner, delivering on our promises and taking a responsible, ethical approach in the day-to-day management of our operations.

Ultimately, meeting these objectives is all down to our employees, the lifeblood of our organisation and those in charge of delivering excellent customer service every day. That is why we place such an emphasis on their wellbeing and development, and seek to build a genuinely diverse and inclusive culture, representative of the wider international community that we serve. These are the necessary conditions to allow us to deliver on our overarching goal as a company: to deliver total and complete client satisfaction.”

Simon Yoxon-Grant, CEO

Our Corporate Social Responsability strategy

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