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IMPORTANT NOTICE: Starting on 17th of December 2016, applicants who wish to book an appointment for a visa application submission from December 30th, 2016 onwards should Register and Book on the following link:

For the long stay visa for studies, prior to your online registration please contact Campus France Indonesia to know which visa procedure you must follow.

In accordance to European regulations which concern all the Schengen Countries the French Embassy in Indonesia has implemented a new visa procedure by issuing biometric visas since November 2013 for any travel purposes. Further information and FAQ on the data protection in VIS is available on the following homepage:

Therefore personal appearance of every applicant is mandatory in order to give his/her personal biometric data (finger scans and digital photograph) unless you are under an exemption case.

Your visa application file must be complete at the time of submission at TLScontact (Please find here the list of documents to provide). An incomplete application file will lead automatically to a visa refusal by the Embassy.

To check whether you need to apply through the TLScontact Visa Center or directly at the Embassy of France in Jakarta, please check on Jurisdiction page.

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