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In accordance to European regulations which concern all the Schengen Countries that Personal Appearance of every applicant is mandatory when submitting a visa application at TLScontact or at the Embassy of France to collect the biometric data (photos and finger prints). The data will be kept in the << Visa Information System VIS >> for 5 years, and it’s reachable and accessible by all the members of Schengen Countries. The following internet website can be visited for further information and FAQ concerning the protection of registered biometric data at VIS: http://ec.europa.eu/vis

If your fingerprints and photograph were previously collected for the purpose of applying for a Schengen visa within the previous 59 months and a visa with the mention "VIS" has been granted, then a new fingerprints collection won’t be needed for your next visa application.

If your fingerprints and photograph have not been previously collected, your personal appearance is mandatory.

If your fingerprints and photograph have been previously collected and no Schengen visa has been granted, then your fingerprints and photograph must be collected once more.

If your old Schengen visa sticker bears a note “VIS0”, a new set of fingerprints collection for the next visa application is needed.

Should the previously collected fingerprints and photo prove to be of insufficient quality, the applicant will be informed by TLScontact and requested to submit new biometric data.

Should the previously collected biometric data exceed 59 months, you will be obliged to present yourself once again in order to re-do the biometric fingerprints and photograph.

Since the finger scans are not required from children under the age of 12 their personal appearance is not mandatory .

Your visa application file must be complete at the time of submission at TLScontact (Please find here the list of documents to provide). An incomplete application file will lead automatically to a visa refusal by the Embassy.

TLScontact Center Address

TLScontact is open to the public for visa application from Monday to Friday 08:30-11:30. For passport return open from Monday to Thursday 08:30-12:00, 13:30-16:30; Friday 08:30-11:30, 13:30-16:30.


TLScontact center
Menara Anugrah 3rd floor
Lingkar Mega Kuningan
Jakarta (beside the Embassy of Thailand)

Access map for TLScontact center

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