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New ‘Track My Application’ mobile app

New ‘Track My Application’ mobile app

TLScontact has just released a new mobile app to allow visa applicants to track the progress of their visa application more easily. Available on the App Store and Google Play, the app covers all visa applications made at a TLScontact centre, whatever the applicant’s location and whatever the destination country.  

One of the main preoccupations of visa applicants is to know the status of their application while it is being processed. This is important as applications can take from a few days to several weeks to process, depending on the visa type and specific circumstances of the applicant. Up until now, our visa applicants had the option to track the progress of their application via their on-line TLScontact account. This process has just been made easier, with the launch of the Track My Application mobile app. All applicants have to do is download the app and enter their passport number and surname. This gives them instant access to their application status, according to one of four process steps.  

  • Select the country of your destination  
  • Enter surname as it appears in passport 
  • Enter passport number
  • Obtain application status

A mobile app for all TLScontact visa applicants  

The app is available to all TLScontact visa applicants, in all 90 countries where we operate and for all the client countries that we represent. It is available in 10 different languages.  

Visa applicants can also continue to view their application status in their online TLScontact account, on the website for their particular Visa Application Centre.  

Download the Track My Application mobile app via:  

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