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TLScontact Center will be closed on February 22nd 2016

From Wednesday March 12th, 2014, visa applicants must come in person to the TLScontact Visas Center in order to give their personal biometric data (10-digit finger scans and digital photograph). The data is kept in the Visa Information System (VIS) for 5 years. Further information and FAQ on the data protection in VIS is available on the following homepage:

If your biometric data has already been collected for a previous Schengen visa and the visa has been issued with the remark “VIS”, the biometric data remains valid for five years. However, the appearance in person for the submission of the visa application remains mandatory (exemptions: participants of a package tour organized by accredited travel agencies, foreign diplomats posted in the consular district). If previously captured fingerprints are of insufficient quality, you are requested to provide the biometric data again at the Regional Consular Center in Bangkok.

Note: Wearing contact lenses altering the appearance of your eye is strictly prohibited during the biometric data capture (color contact lenses, magnifying contact lenses).

To check whether you need to apply through the TLScontact Visa Center or directly at the Embassy of Switzerland in Thailand, please check on Jurisdiction page.

From May 19th, 2014, all electronics devices (mobile phones, tablets, laptops…) will be forbidden within the TLScontact center. A locker room will be at your disposal at the entrance of the center.

Please kindly note that pictures submitted must be complying with the ICAO standards. An ICAO compliant photo-booth is at your disposal within the TLScontact Center.

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