Appointment Cancellation – France Visas in the UK

Thank you for visiting this page to tell us you would like to cancel your booked appointment for a visa to France.

Please note that this form is only for use by applicants with an appointment booking at a TLScontact visa application centre in the UK (London, Manchester or Edinburgh). No other bookings will be cancelled from this page.

Please complete the simple form below to complete the process. If you do not complete the form below, your appointment will not be cancelled and you may attend at the previously confirmed time.

Please check our Terms & Conditions to see if you’re eligible for a refund when cancelling your appointment, and how to apply.

The information you enter in this form will be used to identify your application and cancel your appointment. You will only be contacted using these details if there is a query about your cancellation or visa application. The information you have submitted in this form will be used only for these purposes and will be deleted after your appointment has been cancelled.