Our commitment

At TLScontact, we combine detailed knowledge and understanding of government administrative processes with customer service expertise, helping our government clients to deliver efficiency, consistency and quality. While we adapt to the specific needs and requirements of each of our client countries, our core commitments remain the same whatever the context:  

1. Excellence in customer experience 

Leveraging on the experience and expertise of our parent company, Teleperformance Group, we strive for excellence in customer experience (CX) throughout the visa application process, aiming to provide a consistent customer journey across all touchpoints. Our websites are available in a number of different languages and are easy to navigate on a wide range of browsers and mobile devices. Our centres are conveniently located and staffed with experienced agents who are available to guide our visa applicants through the application process and recommend added value services to enhance their visa experience. Multiple opportunities are available for customers to provide feedback and we use this critical input to measure our performance and implement continuous improvement programmes across the business.  

2. Operational efficiency

At TLScontact, we focus on getting the right mix of people, processes and technology to ensure that we deliver service excellence to our government clients. Our staff have expert knowledge of the regulatory requirements of each of our client countries and receive regular training to keep them updated on new procedures and best practices in data security. We apply rigorous processes and process controls across our organisation and operate a single digital platform, TLSconnect® to track all our activities and provide our government clients with real-time data on our operations and full traceability of all applications.  

3. Security by design

Data security is at the heart of our business. We act as a Data Processor for the governments we represent, collecting large quantities of personal data every day on their behalf. The citizens and travellers whom we welcome at our centres rely on us to ensure the confidentiality of this data, as do our government clients. We adhere to the strictest international standards in terms of data privacy and our Information Security Management System is subject to regular internal and external audits and is ISO 27001 certified. Our centres are designed to guarantee full protection of people, personal information and infrastructure, whatever the location. Our risk-based approach and continuous monitoring comply with the highest standards in the security industry.
Read our Security Policy.

4. Digital know-how

We support our government clients in their digital transformation, developing new tools and services that will help them move towards a more streamlined, paperless process. Our eDocument online document management system frees up storage space at local consulates and diplomatic missions and allows visa authorities to process large volumes of applications more quickly and efficiently. Thanks to our eMetrics in-house biometric solution, we can offer our clients a turnkey visa management solution, including reliable biometric data capture, customised to their specific requirements.