TLScontact supports the National Medical Council in Morocco for its COVID-19 vaccination campaign


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TLScontact supports the National Medical Council in Morocco for its COVID-19 vaccination campaign

The National Medical Council (CNOM) in Morocco has called on TLScontact to provide support in managing the first phase of the COVID-19 vaccination campaign in the country. In line with the strategy of the Moroccan Ministry of Health, this partnership will see the implementation of the necessary tools to organise the campaign and optimise the process for CNOM members and their staff from the beginning of the campaign, which was launched by His Majesty the King on January 28th, 2021.

Since COVID-19 vaccines have now been made available free of charge by the Moroccan authorities, the vaccination campaign can begin. During the first phase of this campaign, private doctors and their staff are called upon to be vaccinated. Thanks to its expertise in managing administrative processes and customer experience for citizen services, TLScontact is working in partnership with the CNOM to offer its members a simple and effective procedure, complementing the system put in place by the Moroccan authorities.

A comprehensive approach for vaccinating private doctors and their teams

While the CNOM is providing a certain number of vaccination centres by region, TLScontact is supporting the organisation by setting up a multichannel service to manage the flow of medical professionals wishing to be vaccinated, at their dedicated regional vaccination centres.

During this first phase of the vaccination campaign, TLScontact is providing a telephone and web platform to organise appointments and respond to any information requests from CNOM members. A communications campaign, involving SMS messaging and emails, has been launched to support this initiative and inform private sector physicians and all their staff of the scheme.

Call centre number 05 30 10 65 15 (price of a local call).

TLScontact has so far organised appointments for 7,000 private doctors over the age of 40, the priority age category. This first phase has proved very successful. Appointment attendance has been high and those who have received their first injection have given very positive feedback, expressing their satisfaction with the way appointments have been organised.

TLScontact expertise to support the Moroccan authorities

TLScontact has been a trusted partner for governments in visa, consular and citizen services since 2007. Recognised for its expertise in managing customer flows, appointment booking and administrative processes, TLScontact is now working to implement the right tools to support this essential campaign in a very short time frame. The vaccination campaign is expected to last several weeks.

As Bassem Missaoui, TLScontact Area Manager for North Africa, explains, “We are able to offer turnkey solutions that are adaptable and scalable to the needs and requirements of our government clients. Our know-how is a particularly important asset during this difficult period, when responsiveness and proactivity are essential.”

Diversification beyond the visa sector

This partnership is part of TLScontact’s diversification in the services it offers to governments and institutions beyond the visa sector, leveraging its core competencies and professional experience. Indeed, the company is also partnering with the central laboratory in Mohamedia to offer COVID-19 tests, this time to the general public.

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