Corporate Social Responsibility

At TLScontact, Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) extends far beyond mere compliance with regulations and the requirements of our government clients. Our CSR strategy is an integral part of our identity and a tangible demonstration of our aspiration to create a sustainable environment for all our stakeholders. 

Our Principles

Our CSR commitment is founded on the principles of generating social value, adhering to the highest environmental standards, and prompting positive transformation within the communities where we operate. We make sure that these CSR principles cascade to every corner of our organisation, and every stakeholder, including employees, government clients, visa customers, and suppliers. 

Our CSR Pillars

Our CSR commitment is based on three pillars that capture our dedication to creating a lasting, positive impact. These pillars are Social Value, Environment, and Community. 

Our CSR pillars form the roots of a holistic CSR strategy that allows us to go beyond the obligations of modern business to address critical issues. We embrace these principles collectively and rally our teams to contribute to a future where business success goes hand in hand with creating meaningful societal change.