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Harnessing client feedback to enhance services and strengthen partnerships 


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Harnessing client feedback to enhance services and strengthen partnerships 

At TLScontact, we are firm believers in the importance of regular feedback from our key clients, to help us strengthen our operations, improve our service offering and reinforce our relationships with the governments we serve. Our Key Client Satisfaction Survey (KSAT) is an annual opportunity to gather valuable feedback from our government partners. By using the Net Promoter Score (NPS) method, KSAT helps us gauge our performance in crucial areas such as operational efficiency, technological innovation, team effectiveness, security, and compliance. This feedback is essential, guiding our strategies to not only meet but surpass client expectations. 

Strengthening transparency and partnership 

At the heart of our approach lies a strong commitment to transparency and partnership. KSAT opens up a dialogue that covers a wide range of topics, from how smoothly our operations run to the latest in our tech offerings and the readiness of our teams. But it’s more than just collecting feedback; it’s about engaging in meaningful conversations with our government clients that build trust and show them they are truly heard and their feedback is valued. 

Harnessing insights for growth 

KSAT acts like a mirror, reflecting our service quality through the eyes of those we serve. We sift through the feedback to spot trends, strengths, and areas ripe for innovation. Whether it’s making our application processes more user-friendly, bringing in new tech to enhance experiences, or enhancing our security measures, the insights from KSAT can point us in the right direction. This feedback-driven growth helps to ensure our services stay ahead of the curve. 

Turning feedback into collaborative action 

Feedback is just the start. What matters most is what we do with it. After KSAT, we sit down with our clients to go through the results, looking for ways to improve together. We are not simply aiming for quick fixes; we want to use this opportunity to forge deeper partnerships, turning insights into actions that make a real difference in our services and cementing our place as a trusted partner in our sector. 

The ripple effect of positive change 

The impact of these changes is far-reaching. By implementing improvements based on client feedback, we can enhance the visa application process for countless individuals around the globe. Our focus on continuous improvement and prioritising client satisfaction helps to mark TLScontact out as a leader in providing efficient and streamlined services. 

Moving forward together 

This commitment to listening and adapting is a reflection of who we are at TLScontact. KSAT isn’t just another survey; it’s a vital part of our culture, underscoring our dedication to excellence, transparency, and strong partnerships. Through this annual practice, we aim to do more than just meet expectations; we strive to create stronger bonds and elevate our services to new heights. By valuing the insights from our governmental partners, we can ensure our journey forward is not only informed but also shared. This collaborative approach aligns with both our immediate goals and our vision for the future. It allows us to better anticipate challenges and seize new opportunities, and in so doing actively shape the future of visa and consular services.  

The Net Promoter Score (NPS) 

The Net Promoter Score (NPS) measures client satisfaction by asking clients how likely they would be to recommend a particular business, on a scale from 0 to 10. Clients are categorised as Detractors, Neutral or Promoters of the company.   
At TLScontact, we incorporate the NPS as a key metric in our annual Key Client Satisfaction Survey, to measure how we are performing in the eyes of our clients.  

Article written by
Yan Matsur, Account Manager 

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