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4 ways for leaders to increase inclusion for higher performance


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4 ways for leaders to increase inclusion for higher performance

“At a time when Diversity & Inclusion is on the agenda of many companies, let’s focus on Inclusion, a leadership topic above all, with a direct impact on both individual and team performance.

Over my +20 years of professional life, key inclusive leaders gave me the chance to grow from a project manager to a senior leadership role, developing my own leadership style.

To briefly give some context, I was far from the “perfect potential leader”. A small, discreet woman among a majority of tall male colleagues with strong voices, I was always ahead with planning and working on backup plans as a way to combine international trips with my 4 kids. I also preferred to build connections through outdoor activities rather than late evening beers at the bar 😊. A special thanks to these leaders for their trust and to my teams for their precious guidance to help me to lead them and allow us to perform together at our best.

Despite past experiences, since contexts are evolving, every day as a leader I am still learning to help my team spread all over the world contribute to our / their fullest potential, and to bring my own leadership style to the organisation beyond my hard skills. This requires frequent reconsideration, and sometimes real courage to trigger some difficult conversations, but it is worth it!”

Extract from the article in English written by
Celine Durnez, Head of Product Portfolio Management at TLScontact

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