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Growth happens when you take on responsibilities you are not qualified to do


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Growth happens when you take on responsibilities you are not qualified to do

“Growth happens by doing things you are unqualified to do.”

“I recently saw this quote on internet, and it felt like a pretty accurate description of my career trajectory since I joined TLScontact in 2010. Starting out at our London visa application centre as a customer service agent at the age of nineteen, with no precise career path in mind, I would never have imagined the different roles that I would take on, or the opportunities that I would be given. Over the past 11 years, I have worked in operations, project management and technology. I have managed a team of customer service agents, been in charge of opening a brand new visa centre on the other side of the world, and today I work on the portfolio of TLScontact technology projects, coordinating work with colleagues from across our organisation.

Throughout this time, I have been lucky to have supportive leaders who have had faith in me, offered me these different opportunities, and provided support through mentoring and training where needed. But it has also been up to me to move outside my comfort zone and accept these new challenges. As a good friend of mine would say, each of us are given some luck and opportunities along the way. However, it is still up to us to decide and execute to make things happen. At some point, you need to have the courage to say yes, even when you are terrified of the new responsibility, and let the uncertainty shape you.”

Extract from the article in English written by
Lyndha Grace Robinson Arendain, Technology Portfolio Manager at TLScontact

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