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Reimagining visa application centres to improve customer experience 


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Reimagining visa application centres to improve customer experience 

In today’s dynamic international travel landscape, governments around the world are seeking to refine their visa application processes. For governments that outsource the administrative aspects of the procedure, visa application centres serve as a crucial gateway through which individuals embark on their journey, whether for tourism, business, or study. Recognising the profound impact that this initial touchpoint can have on the overall perception of our client countries, we have developed new branding and architectural guidelines for our visa application centres, to help transform the customer experience. Implementation of these new guidelines began this summer and a series of brand new, reimagined centres started opening their doors this autumn. 

The first of many new centres: Chengdu, China

Our first centre designed according to the new guidelines is in Chengdu, China. The new centre was inaugurated in September, the first of many new centres in the region, under our renewed contract with France in China and Southeast Asia

“The new design and branding make our applicants think about their time in our centre differently, because it’s a reflection of the quality of service we provide. We want them to experience it first-hand,” says Marylise Simon, TLScontact Brand Manager.

Marija Maletic, TLScontact interior designer, adds, “The aim of the new guidelines is to make our centres more modern and welcoming. To achieve this, we have adopted warmer tones and colours, making the environment more relaxing and refined, and in line with our brand image.”

“Your visa centre”, for a more personalised experience

To complement the new interior design, we are also making a significant branding change, with the introduction of the concept “Your visa centre”. To be used in our external signage, this concept aims to give our centres a more personalised feel, accompanied by a redesign of our interior welcome and thank you signage, to emphasise our focus on individual visa customers and to put them at ease. 

The new guidelines were influenced by customer feedback received through our Enterprise Feedback Management platform, through which we collect customer insights at different stages of their visa journey. Customers often stress the importance of the reception area, the cleanliness of the space, and the quality of the waiting area at our centres. All of these points were taken into consideration when developing the new design, to make sure we fulfil applicants’ needs as much as possible. 

Beyond aesthetics, environmentally friendly too! 

Our new visa application centres also take into account environmental concerns, with more durable signage, adaptable to different scenarios. Screens are used inside the centres instead of posters, to avoid paper waste and allow for more flexibility. They display important information about services, the biometric process, and other informational videos to facilitate the visa application journey. 

While the use of LED lights is a must, the design layouts also guarantee that our centres get as much natural light as possible. Other measures are the use of sensor taps for water, environmentally friendly air-conditioning, and using local natural materials where possible that are supplied by producers who are environmentally responsible in their own approach.

The new design will be rolled out progressively worldwide, as centres are opened or renovated. As we move forward, we keep in mind that branding and architecture are not static concepts: they require continuous refinement, to adapt to the changing needs and requirements of our government clients and visa customers. The overall objective goes beyond providing just a service. We aim to make practicality, safety, and aesthetics meet, showcasing our client countries and offering a more personalised, high-end experience to our visa customers, wherever they are. 

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