AON Kincentric Best Employer MENA certification 2019


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AON Kincentric Best Employer MENA certification 2019

TLScontact was recently awarded the AON Kincentric  Best Employer certification for its operations in Algeria, Morocco and Tunisia. This certification recognises leading employers worldwide, based on feedback from their employees. The award ceremony took place in Dubai, on November 11, 2019.  

Four key criteria to measure company performance 

According to AON Kincentric research, companies can drive long-term performance by excelling in key ‘people factors’. The annual AON Kincentric Best Employer survey measures companies on these four key factors, through a questionnaire completed by their employees:  

  • Employee engagement 

Employees speak positively about their employer, intend to stay and are motivated to exert extra effort at work.  

  • Organisational agility 

Employees see that the organisation is adaptive, innovative, inclusive and responsive to the changing needs of its customers. 

  • Engaging leadership 

Leaders are deeply connected with employees to drive engagement, communicate a clear vision and exert strong personal values.  

  • Talent focus 

TLScontact’s operations recognised in Algeria, Morocco & Tunisia 

At TLScontact, we are honoured to have received the AON Kincentric Best Employer award for our operations in Algeria, Morocco and Tunisia. This is strong recognition of our efforts across the region to mobilise our teams around a common strategy and support our employees in their development. It is also a measure of our commitment to both employee and client satisfaction.  

As CEO Simon Yoxon-Grant explains:  

“At TLScontact, we strive to create a better workplace environment because we believe that only motivated and committed employees can provide customers with an excellent experience. Customer and employee satisfaction are a vital part of our organisation’s DNA and we hope next year to have more of our operations worldwide certified AON Kincentric Best Employer.” 

Simon Yoxon-Grant – CEO TLScontact

About the AON Kincentric Best Employer Award

Based on almost two decades of experience in best employer research and 50 years of involvement in employee experience research, the AON Kincentric Best Employer certification recognises organisations on their efforts to create a sustainable competitive advantage through their people.

For more information on the programme, visit Kincentric Best Employers Program.  

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