Great Place To Work® certifications obtained in twenty-two countries


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Great Place To Work® certifications obtained in twenty-two countries

TLScontact is pleased to announce that it has received Great Place To Work® certifications in 22 countries for 2021. This follows a Teleperformance group-wide survey organised in June. These results strengthen TLScontact’s credentials as a great workplace and demonstrate its ongoing commitment to employee wellbeing and engagement, everywhere it operates.  

Our parent company Teleperformance Group ran a group-wide Great Place To Work® survey in June 2021, which included all TLScontact employees worldwide. The participation rate for TLScontact was particularly strong, at 80%. This was despite the Covid-19 pandemic, which has had a huge impact on our entire organisation.

Twenty-two countries certified Great Place To Work

In total, TLScontact achieved Great Place To Work® certifications in 22 countries, representing 75% of its total workforce. These countries are as follows:
Algeria, Belarus, China, Egypt, France, Germany, Ghana, Indonesia, Italy, Kenya, Lebanon, Madagascar, Morocco, Netherlands, Nigeria, Russia, Spain, Switzerland, Thailand, Tunisia, Turkey & the UK.

Commenting on the news, our CEO Simon Yoxon-Grant said:
“This is a fantastic achievement and the result of all the efforts that we have made in recent years to build an inclusive, supportive and engaging environment for our employees. I am particularly proud of these certifications in view of the challenges that we have faced as an organisation during the Covid-19 pandemic. Our teams have pulled together throughout this period and shown great resilience and commitment. It is this strong collective spirit that has helped us to achieve these Great Place To Work certifications and that will take us from strength to strength as we come out of this crisis.”

About Great Place To Work®

According to Great Place To Work®, what makes a genuinely great workplace is the level of trust that employees have in their leaders, their pride in what they do and the extent to which they enjoy working with their colleagues. On this basis, employees participating in the Great Place To Work® Trust Index© survey must answer 60 questions, organised around 5 dimensions, which measure the following:

  • Trust: Credibility
    Employees’ perceptions of management’s communications practices, competence and integrity.
  • Trust: Respect
    Employees’ perceptions of professional support, collaboration and involvement in decisions, and the level of care that management shows for employees as people.
  • Trust: Fairness
    The level of equity, impartiality and justice that employees experience in the workplace.
  • Pride
    How employees feel about their own individual impact through their work, their pride in the work of their team and of the company overall.
  • Camaraderie
    Employees’ belief that their company is a strong community where colleagues are friendly, supportive and welcoming.

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