Opening new visa application centres in Southeast Asia 


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Opening new visa application centres in Southeast Asia 

In 2023, TLScontact secured a new visa outsourcing contract for France in China and Southeast Asia. Following a series of new centre openings and renovations in China this autumn, we recently inaugurated new centres in Cambodia and the Philippines. These add to our existing locations in Thailand and Vietnam, strengthening our presence across Southeast Asia.  

Launching new operations for France 

On 13 December, we opened new visa application centres across Southeast Asia: 

  • In Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, where we relocated to a new site, inaugurated on 13 December, while we already operate a centre in Hanoi. The two centres are shared between France and Hungary. 
  • In Manila, Philippines, inaugurated on 15 December, with an additional centre in Cebu to be inaugurated on 19 January 2024. Both centres will handle visa applications for France.  
  • In Phnom Penh, Cambodia, inaugurated on 19 December, also operated on behalf of France.  

Mathieu Béchu, TLScontact Zone Manager for Southeast Asia, says, “We are very proud to represent France and Hungary in the region. With these new openings, we are expanding our presence from three centres to six centres across four countries. We aim to offer the same excellence in customer service at all locations and we strive to continuously exceed our clients’ expectations.” 

Regional training and strong cooperation

The backbone of TLScontact’s success lies in its people. That is why a training programme was specifically designed for the new recruits in the region. Over 60 new team members of all levels followed this rigorous programme over a six-week period, to give them detailed knowledge of Schengen visa procedures, as well as TLScontact processes and systems. The new joiners shadowed colleagues in other countries to observe operations on the ground, and then they were joined in their own centres for more hands-on support in the weeks running up to launch.

Overall, more than 1,000 hours of training were provided for the new joiners, who included country managers, centre managers, supervisors, agents, and administrative staff.  

To uphold high operational standards, further support will be provided to the new teams from our existing operations in the region in the first few weeks after launch. TLScontact centre managers, supervisors and agents from elsewhere in Southeast Asia are on the ground to address questions and offer additional on-the-ground training as required.  

Ha Le, Hanoi Centre Manager, explains, “Staff training is the key element of any centre opening. It’s not as evident or flashy as a new centre design or branding, but it’s what makes all the difference. Our cooperation within the region allowed us to offer a solid training programme, adapted to the cultural nuances of Southeast Asia, which will empower us to provide excellent customer service.” 

As TLScontact continues to expand its presence in Southeast Asia, these recent centre inaugurations underscore a wider commitment to excellence, collaboration and setting new standards for visa outsourcing in this important region of the world.  

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