TLScontact once again certified Kincentric Best Employer in several countries


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TLScontact once again certified Kincentric Best Employer in several countries

TLScontact is proud to announce that it has again obtained Kincentric Best Employer certification in a number of countries. Our operations in Algeria, Egypt and Morocco have all been recognised as Kincentric Best Employers for 2021. This is a great achievement and further demonstration of the importance that TLScontact places on employee engagement and development.

TLScontact was recently informed that it had been recognised by the international HR consultancy Kincentric  as a Best Employer in several key countries for the group. Our operations in Egypt were certified Kincentric Best Employer for the first time. In Algeria and Morocco, this was the second year running that our operations obtained this prestigious certification.

Best Employer certification in challenging circumstances

The award of Kincentric Best Employer certification is a great achievement, particularly in the light of the challenges created by the Covid-19 pandemic over the past year. Operating 150 visa application centres in 90 countries, we have been impacted by the slowdown in international travel and have had to adapt and innovate to manage costs and generate new revenues in areas complementary to our core visa business.

As our CEO Simon Yoxon-Grant explains:

“At TLScontact, we have always believed in the importance of employee wellbeing and engagement, never more so than in the past year. The fact that we have managed to achieve this certification in the face of such an unprecedented crisis for our sector is a credit to our organisation and our local management teams. It also fills me with confidence for the future and strengthens my belief in the importance of employee engagement and development to long-term business success.”

What is the Kincentric Best Employer Certification?

The Kincentric Best Employers programme recognises leading employers worldwide, based on feedback from their employees, collected via an online survey. The Best Employer survey measures companies on four ‘people factors’ that Kincentric sees as key to accelerating success:

Employee engagement

Employees speak positively about their employer, intend to stay, and are motivated to exert extra effort at work.

Organisational agility

Employees see that the organisation is highly adaptive, innovative, inclusive, and responsive to the changing needs of its customers.

Engaging leadership

Leaders are deeply connected with employees to drive engagement, communicate a clear vision and exert strong personal values.

Talent focus

Employees see that the organisation is focusing on attracting and retaining great talent, creating an inspirational environment where people can thrive.

For more information on the Kincentric Best Employer programme, click here.  

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