TLScontact signs a new contract with Australia 


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TLScontact signs a new contract with Australia 

We are proud to announce a new five-year contract with the Australian Department of Home Affairs (the Department). The contract entrusts TLScontact with the operation of Australian Biometric Collection Centres (ABCCs) throughout Europe and Sub-Saharan Africa. Under this agreement, TLScontact will function as the sole Service Delivery Partner for the Department in these regions, across 22 countries and over 30 locations. 

Leveraging our extensive network of existing centres in Europe and Sub-Saharan Africa, we will employ our cutting-edge TLSbiometrics solution to provide biometric enrolment facilities, integrating with the highly streamlined and digital Australian visa application process. 

Our digital expertise will be on full display as we introduce dedicated websites hosted on our TLSdigital platform. Applicants will benefit from user-friendly features such as TLSbooking and TLSpay, allowing them to book appointments and make payments with ease. Additionally, TLScontact will offer comprehensive in-person support for customers who require assistance in completing their application and payment.  

Anthony Phillips, Director of In-Person Services and Support, Department of Home Affairs said, “We are pleased to announce this strategic partnership with TLScontact. With this collaboration, we will continue to optimise our service delivery around the world, in the face of growing demand. Together, we aim to improve the overall experience for our visa applicants while maintaining the highest standards of compliance and security.” 

The rollout of these ABCCs will occur in two phases, with the first 22 facilities scheduled to open by the end of this year, in the following locations: Albania, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Ethiopia, France, Ghana, Greece, Kazakhstan, Kenya, Nigeria, Russia, South Africa, Uganda and Zimbabwe.   

TLScontact CEO, Simon Yoxon-Grant, expressed enthusiasm for this new venture, stating, “We are honoured to be selected by the Australian Department of Home Affairs as their trusted partner in Europe and Sub-Saharan Africa, where we already have a strong presence and extensive visa services experience. Our commitment to delivering efficient, secure, and user-friendly visa application services aligns perfectly with the goals of the Department. We look forward to serving the needs of both the Australian government and its visa applicants.” 

This contract win reflects TLScontact’s dedication to innovation and excellence in the visa sector, leveraging our expertise to continue delivering efficient and user-friendly solutions and enhancing the experience for governments and applicants worldwide. 

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